TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint, and TMJ is commonly used to refer to disorders of this joint. The temporomandibular joint is the joint where your jaw attaches to your skull. Disorders of this joint are not uncommon.

So, the question arises, what happens if you have TMJ and you don’t treat it?

You won’t die.

Common disorders of the temporomandibular joint are not life-threatening. So, if you don’t treat it, you won’t necessarily shorten your life.

However, TMJ disorders and treatment of these disorders is a quality of life thing. If you have TMJ and experience chronic discomfort, then wouldn’t you be better off to treat it?

It may get worse.

This risk of not treating TMJ is your pain and discomfort may get worse. Some people experience jaw pain, and others have headaches. Patients may hear a clicking sound when they move their jaw. Some people feel like their jaw is locking.

All of these things are uncomfortable. The question becomes how much do these issues interfere with your daily life and function. You may feel much better if you undergo some treatment for it.

If you choose not to treat your TMJ disorder, you may experience the following:

* Severe headaches
* Back pain, shoulder, and neck discomfort
* Tinnitus
* Teeth grinding

TMJ disorders have also been closely connected with depression and anxiety. If this disorder is left untreated by a specialist it can cause anxiety and depression which can eventually impair mood and sleep habits.

Related teeth grinding is a major problem.

Left untreated teeth grinding can severely damage your teeth and your bite requiring extensive and expensive tooth repair.

And it’s also clear that those suffering from chronic pain have a shorter life expectancy.

TMJ disorder is triggered by numerous daily tasks like yawing, eating, or talking. Anyone who suffers from this disease should go for medical treatment. Failure to see a doctor can bring lifelong negative consequences that can significantly impact your quality of life.

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