Jaw pain from TMJ/TMD can cause a number of issues related to the teeth and jaw. If you have trouble chewing, experience jaw pain or grind your teeth, BC Head Paint Institute’s system can help you find relief.

TMJ is the joint where your jaw meets the side of your head and is one of the most complicated joints in the body.  If this joint doesn’t function properly, a person can experience chronic pain.  Someone suffering with TMJ disorder can experience discomfort or pain that could be temporary or long term.  TMJ disorder can cause painful chewing, jaw stiffness or a locking or popping feeling when moving the jaw.  If not treated, TMJ disorder can lead to symptoms of migraines or tinnitus.

The highly trained Vancouver and Surrey team at BC Head Pain is equipped with a revolutionary treatment system that provides patients with proven therapies that reduce the pain and improvement the movement of the jaw.

Dr. Wang first consults with the patient to determine the full symptoms and medical history.  The evaluation takes about 20 minutes and allows Dr. Wang to assess the movement of the jaw and the balance of the dental forces.  During this consultation, Dr. Wang will develop a treatment plan specific to the patient’s needs.  A variation of the comfortable, needle-free and drug-free therapies are utilized to offer the patient long term relief from TMJ.