BC Head Pain Institute was recently founded by Dr. Cheng Lun Wang in effort to provide proven relief to sufferers of head, neck, jaw and migraine pain.  Dr. Wang has undergone extensive training to detect the source of pain and determine the most effective course of treatment. An common underlying cause of chronic head, neck and jaw pain is attributed to an imbalance of dental forces.  Dr. Wang assesses each patient and provides an individual course of treatment.

Many of those who suffer from migraines, chronic head pain, neck pain and ear ringing feel they must adjust their life to accommodate their pain.  The team at BC Head Pain Institute is proud to offer cutting edge therapy to patients who have tried other numerous and unsuccessful treatment.

The initial evaluation is a brief, but thorough exam that provides insight into the underlying cause of pain.  At that point the team at BC Head Pain can determine a treatment plan.  The therapy is comfortable and relaxing and does not require needles or drugs.